Payroll Pricing

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Payroll Processing

£ 17 Per MONTH or £180.00 per YEAR
  • Register you as an employer with HMRC and assist you in the set up of a PAYE account.
  • Act as an 'agent' for you with HMRC, dealing with any queries on your behalf.
  • Process your employee's monthly payroll through our payroll system.
  • Send 'Real Time Information' (RTI) submissions directly to HMRC on your behalf.
  • Email monthly draft and final payslips directly to you and your employee, showing year to date figures.
  • Process statutory payments your employee is due such as Statutory Sick Pay and Statutory Maternity Pay.
  • Process all P60’s and P45.
  • Issue you with a year end P32 Employment Payment Record which will allow you to submit your end of year return to HMRC.
  • Process your employee's holiday pay.
  • Provide you and your employee with access to our Dashboard area where you can see all payslips, P60's, and payments made to HMRC.
  • Provide access to a holiday management system on the Dashboard where your employee can request holidays and you can approve them.
  • Provide you with a nine page contract to use for your employee.


£ 5
  • Set you up as an employer with NEST Pension Scheme.
  • Register your employee with NEST Pension Scheme.
  • Provide all 'employer notices' for employees throughout the staging process.
  • Monitor your employee’s monthly payment threshold and eligibility.
  • Make the first Declaration of Compliance to The Pensions Regulator on your behalf and monitor any additional or future declarations.

Paying your employee and HMRC

£ 10 Per MONTH OR £120 PER YEAR
  • We pay your nanny directly into their bank account on the last working day of each month.
    N.B. We are unable to do this if you pay your nanny using your Tax Free Childcare Account or an Employer Voucher Provider.
    If you need help setting up either of these options we can ask our sister company, Lothian Childcare Solutions, to help you.
  • We will collect what you are due to HMRC by monthly direct debit and pay this on your behalf.

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