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Contract of Employment

An employment contract is a legal relationship between an employer and an employee.

Anyone who is classed as an employee or worker has the right to a written document detailing the main terms and conditions of their employment. This includes detailing their hours and their pay. This contract must be received by the employee by their first day of employment.

Family Payroll provide a free comprehensive Contract of Employment to all our clients, this contract is designed around having an employee in the home and is checked annually to ensure that it complies with current employment law. If you do not need our payroll services this contract can be purchased for £35.

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Employer Liability Insurance

It is a legal requirement for all UK employers, including domestic employers, to hold Employers Liability Insurance.

Employer Liability Insurance will help you pay compensation if an employee is injured or becomes ill because of the work they do for you.  You can also be fined £2,500 every day that you are not properly insured.  Sometimes Home Insurance providers may provide this cover as part of your policy, so would be worth checking with them fist.

If you need Employer Liability Insurance, Family Payroll have secured an exclusive discount for our clients with a specialist insurer.


Employee Contract

An employment contract is a legal relationship between an employer and an employee.

This begins when an employee starts work, even if there is nothing in writing. The important things to remember are:

Anyone who is classed as an employee must be given the terms of their employment in writing. This is called a ‘written statement of employment particulars’. It must contain the main terms of their employment including pay and working hours. This is not an employment contract.