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Employee Contracts

Every employer must provide their employee with a Contract of Employment.

By law, an employer must provide anyone who's classed as an employee with the terms of their employment in writing. This document is often referred to as the 'Employment Contract'. Family Payroll provide a free comprehensive contract to all our clients, however if you don't need our payroll services we are happy for you to purchase our contract for a small fee.
Please contact us for more information.


Employer Liability Insurance

It is a legal requirement for all UK employers, including domestic employers, to hold Employers Liability (EL) Insurance. However, you may not need EL insurance if you employ a family member or someone who is based abroad.

Family Payroll have teamed up with insurers, Morton Michel and Fish to offer an exclusive discount to personal employers. This provides public liability insurance, which protects you should anything happen to the person being cared for by your employee.

We have have also secured an exclusive discount with Morton Michel to ensure that nanny’s can access a policy discount. 

You don’t need to sign up to our payroll service to get your exclusive discount, just follow this link which will direct you to the insurance page.

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