Employment Support

Employing someone to work in your home can be extremely beneficial for you and your family so please don't let the employer responsibilities put you off.

We are really passionate about ensuring that we give you the help and support you need to make your life as an employer so much easier.

As well as supporting and providing a full payroll service, we will also try to support and signpost you to the correct information when you need it. 


Employee Contract

An employment contract is a legal relationship between an employer and an employee.

This begins when an employee starts work, even if there is nothing in writing. The important things to remember are:

Anyone who is classed as an employee must be given the terms of their employment in writing. This is called a ‘written statement of employment particulars’. It must contain the main terms of their employment including pay and working hours. This is not an employment contract.

Don't let the paperwork hold you back from making a great decision for your family. When you work with Family Payroll, you can have the stability and support from your employee without the headache and confusion of dealing with paperwork.

Policy and procedures

You may wish to introduce policies, procedures or a staff handbook for your employee. This can ensure that you are clearly communicating what you expect from your employee in their role.

We highly recommend that you consider documenting a Code of Conduct or expected behaviour policy and a grievance and complaints procedure. Having this information in writing from the outset will make things easier in the long-term.

Family Payroll aim to provide a high quality payroll service to families who want to employ someone in their home.

We can take care of the entire payroll process for you making it stress-free and easy.


We are always happy to Help

Our insurance providers are another great resource and will
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